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Willow Home Care Ltd is a provider of quality care services, reaching out to those members of the community who need extra assistance to enable them to remain independent whilst enjoying the comfort and privacy of their own homes


Director James Davies.

Why care?

"I had always wanted to make a positive impact on my local community. I always felt that no career satisfied that need, until I embarked on a career in the care industry. Prior to my decision to go into the care sector, I was employed in a local factory where my managers and directors didn’t even know my name or what role I fulfilled. I often felt undervalued and I was never recognised for my achievements. After seeing an advert for a care position in my local paper, I decided to leave the relative comfort and financial security of my former role to pursue a career in an industry I could truly feel passionate about. I had to travel an hour every day to work in order to complete a 15-hour shift before travelling home while earning minimum wage, but I was given the opportunity to support young people with learning disabilities in Birmingham. I loved the role and although my wife and I had to make several sacrifices and lifestyle changes I felt I was making a tangible difference. My career change was questioned by my friends and former colleagues, but the criticism only made me more determined."

"Despite the difficulties carers face and the challenges they endure there are poignant moments when you  realise that you have supported an individual to become more independent. It is special when you are  thanked by their friends and family for making a difference to their loved ones last days and this gives you a real sense of achievement. People don’t understand the importance of a carers role and as you read this I can guarantee a care assistant has saved someone’s life. Carers are an important part of society- they prepare meals, promote healthy nutrition, support people to become more independent, support people to live in their own homes, support people to access and participate in their local community and help provide a safe environment that allows people to live fuller lives."

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At Willow Care North Shropshire Ltd, we offer around the clock medical home care services to ensure that our clients get the attention they deserve. Contact us today and learn how you can benefit from our services.

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